Balustrades for Commercial and Residential Space

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Balustrades are no new features but have been there in the world of architecture for long. For a long time, they were mostly used in commercial buildings such as restaurants, museums, learning institutions, among others. However, in the past few decades, they have gained traction in homes. This is because they offer a wide range of perks to the stair.

A balustrade is a railing that is supported by a row of little columns known as balusters. They are mostly found in balconies, terraces, or stairs.

The benefits of balustrades range from averting accidental fall-offs to adding to the beauty of your home.

Glass Pool Fencing

If your yard is quite scenic or you want to secure your swimming pool but in a non-intrusive manner, then glass pool fencing is your solution.

Once you settle on a glass fence, you will be faced with two options: getting a framed or a frameless glass fence. Framed means that the glass is held in place by metal or railing.

Frameless on the other hand means that there’s nothing that is between the panels and that can potentially block the view.

Semi-frameless glass pool fencing is made of glass panels that are then secured by aluminum or stainless steel uprights.

Glass Stair Balustrading

Glass is by far the most popular option for modern railing nowadays. This is because glass railing brings about a stunning visual impact, makes spaces seem bigger, adds openness, and ensures there’s the flow of light.

Furthermore, glass stair balustrading adds luxury and improves the value of a home. And of course, when designed and installed in the right way, staircase balustrading is very safe and functional.

Balustrade Balconies

Glass balustrades will make your balcony be distinct. They can bring about a clean, simplistic styling to the exterior of your home.

Glass balustrades will prevent occupants of your home from walking off external balconies. They, therefore, have no fear of falling off the structure.

All this goes to show that glass balustrades are not only practical but also have an artistic touch to them.

Residential or Commercial Applications

Glass balustrades present an unmatched sophistication to the railing, because they come in multiple choices- from semi-framed, frameless, fully-framed, to clear, tinted, frosted, and colored.

Glass balustrades are a classic option that can improve the appearance of modern homes and buildings, making unclimbable and strengthened glass to boost safety, without disrupting views. This is why they are used in balconies because they allow one to have a full view of the outdoors without obstructions.

Glass also offers great stylish fence and gate options. They are used in standard fencing as well as pool fencing. All you’ll need to do is clean regularly since glass stains or smudges easily.

Seeing as glass balustrades can significantly impact the style and safety of your railings, you stand to benefit by installing them on your property.

If you are looking to install glass balustrades for your staircase or balcony, get in touch with us at Gold Coast Glazier and we can help.

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