Mirrors See Your Reflection Anywhere

Mirrors can be used exclusively for decorative purposes and to bring about an illusion of additional space in a room. You may also use a mirror for a practical purpose, like allowing people to check their form while at the gym.

There is a vast assortment of mirrors out there to choose from. This is because different mirrors serve different purposes, and you need to identify your purpose so as to know the ideal mirror. Here is a quick guide to get you started:

Custom Mirrors

The best mirrors to work with are custom mirrors. They are a great way to add personality and value to your home.

In this case, you work with glass professionals to measure your space. They then design the mirror so that it meets your exact specifications.

When using a custom mirror, you get your ideal fit and look. As such, you can reap the most from your mirror investment.

Residential Mirrors

Plane mirrors are the most common kind of mirrors that are found in homes. They are flat mirrors that reflect an image in its standard shape and size.

While these mirrors are mostly used to help one check their reflection, there are other uses of residential mirrors.

These mirrors can add decorative touches, add more light into a room, and bring a touch of spaciousness.

Floor-Length Mirrors

Floor-length mirrors are those that are several feet taller than they are wide and allow one to see their full height in their reflection. As a result of their size, floor-length mirrors reflect more light, thus making a space bright.

A floor-length mirror will enable you to have a better look at yourself and your outfit. It also helps a room to seem larger and brighter.

These mirrors come in different shapes, dimensions, decorative elements, and mounting systems.

Beveled Rounded Mirrors

Beveled rounded wall mirrors refer to the kind of mirrors that sport edges cut at certain angles to make the mirror look like it has a round-framed edge around it.

The rounded edges give off an embellished and subtle look. These wall mirrors come in different sizes and can be tailor-made or bought from stores that deal in home decor items.

Mirrored Sliding Cupboards

Mirrored sliding cupboards can be found in both single and paneled mirror styles. They help to reflect light in a room and bring about a spacious feel. As such, this makes them an ideal choice for small areas or areas where natural light may not be much.

They can be used together with white or cream wardrobes to bring striking contrast to an otherwise darker design.

Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors are mostly used in bathrooms. This is because they do not demand much in the care of the frame. You see, most mirror frames are fashioned from wood or metal. Both of these materials are not suited for humid environments as they either rust or split/warp.

As such, if you want to lessen the amount of maintenance work you have to do on your mirror, a frameless mirror is your ideal choice.

Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors come in all sizes, but the size of mirrors to use in your bathroom depends mainly on the length of the bathroom countertop. You can go for a mirror that either covers the whole countertop or one that limits the size only to the length of your sink.

Bathroom mirrors also sport different shapes, including circle mirrors, large mirrors, arch mirrors, etc. Most people prefer rectangular bathroom mirrors though you can still go for circular, oval, or square mirrors.

Mirrors are wise investments for your home. For all of your mirror installations, repairs and replacements, look to Gold Coast Glaziers. We are committed to making your home look livelier and spacious.

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