Glass Splash Backs

Glass splashbacks are an ideal way to give your bathroom or kitchen a new lease of life, creating a feeling of space and light. There’s even the option of installing a feature wall made of colored glass.

Glass splashbacks are able to keep their appearance, unlike tiled surfaces. This is because they have no grout or joints where bacteria can collect. Furthermore, they do not experience color loss and this assures you that they will remain to be a beautiful feature in your home for years to come.

As they come with the easy-to-clean and non-stain properties of glass, splashbacks are no doubt the perfect surface for showers, kitchens, and other wet spaces.

Glass Splashback in Your Bathroom

Splashbacks in the bathroom have the ability to cover huge amounts of space. Since sinks, showers, and baths are all in situ, it’s important to ensure that the walls are protected. For this reason, glass enables you to leverage the unprotected surfaces to come up with a design focus.

Here are some stylish ideas that you can use for your bathroom:

Back Painted Glass

This glass can be produced in pretty much any color. This allows your bath splashback to be color matched with your palette or color scheme. This flexibility is also unique to glass and may not be found in other materials.

Printed Glass

Variety in glass design is not restricted to color. You can use printed glass splashback technology to come up with patterns, images, or graphics for your bathroom design.

Mirrored Glass

We all associate mirrors with bathrooms. Using mirrored glass as your splashback, therefore, makes sense. Furthermore, you can couple mirrored sections with printed or colored glass all over your bathroom to induce functionality in your splashbacks.

Splashbacks for Dining Areas

Glass splashbacks suit almost all kitchen types, especially smaller spaces because they boast reflective qualities which help boost light levels. This will make your kitchen look bigger.

Additionally, they act to protect the walls in your dining areas from all unruly cooking while preventing heat and steam from damaging your wall.

Glass splashbacks are used behind areas that are mostly used as seating and dining zones and behind appliances like ovens, microwaves, and sinks.

Glass Splashbacks for Alfresco Areas

An alfresco kitchen is a great idea- especially in Australia where you can make use of it year-round due to the climate. While a basic alfresco kitchen has a barbecue, fridge, and sink, there are other features that you can include to take it to the next level.

One of these stylish ideas is of course a UV-resistant splashback. A glass splashback will help you bring a pop of color or add to the texture of your kitchen. A glass splashback will be easy to maintain and of course, comes with a large selection of patterns, shapes, and colors.

Splashback Repair

Common problems that plague splashbacks include cracks, dirt collecting behind the splashbacks, and scratches.

Cracks are mostly caused when the wrong glass is used. In the event of cracks, a replacement is advocated for. At Gold Coast Glazier, our professionals have years of experience and thus know the ideal glass for use. The end result is an even finish that adds to the visual appeal of your bathroom, kitchen, or alfresco area.

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