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Our Range of Shower Screens If you are renovating the bathroom of yours, building a brand new house or simply want to change an existing shower screen, Gold Coast Glazier has a broad range of shower screen styles, frame colours, fittings, glass styles and accessories to select from.

In Home Shower Screen Advice

While you are able to read all about the different types of shower screens here on the site of ours, we also encourage you to consider having one of our glaziers pop out to the home of yours for a free consultation.

Our experienced and qualified glaziers are able to advise on the very best shower screen for the bathroom of yours. Best of all there’s no charge for this consultation service. Our glazier is able to answer some questions you may have on the spot. They’ll also help you to determine which will be the right shower screen for the bathroom of yours and the finances of yours.

Which Shower Screen suits you?

Should you choose to do the own research of yours, we have provided additional info about the various types of shower screens on this and other pages on the website.

Let us start with an overview of the basic shower screen types:


The framed shower screen has an aluminium frame that surrounds and supports the glass and door. Framed shower screens are actually strong and yet suit a modest budget.

As the frame supports the glass, the shower screen glass can be slightly thinner and lighter, yet still compliant with the Australian Standards. As a result, the framed shower screen is actually the less expensive style.

Why A Framed Shower Screen?

The frames are actually aluminium and the panels are actually either 4mm or perhaps 6mm safety glass. You are able to choose between a pivot door or even a sliding door.

Many individuals feel the frame detracts from the shower screen’s appearance. Framed show screens are actually a good choice for bathrooms used by families with kids.


Brochure-Semi-Frameless-Shower-Screens-email-v23636-2 Shower Screens
Semi-frameless shower screens are actually made to be attractive, yet still sturdy and safe for the family of yours with 6mm safety glass all around.

Frames are carefully integrated into the design to support the glass in key areas. This reduces the demand for more expensive glass while still offering a beautiful aesthetic look in the bathroom of yours.


Frameless shower screens simply look beautiful. They’re the ultimate in sophistication and style.

A frameless shower screen does not have any aluminium framework impinging on the bathroom’s presentation. The effect is actually a nearly transparent yet elegant shower screen that visually floats in the bathroom of yours.

Screens Fully frameless shower screens require slightly thicker glass to comply with the Australian standards.

Notably, fully frameless shower screens are actually easier to clean without any supporting framework to catch soap scum.

Fully frameless shower screens are actually manufactured in 10mm toughened safety glass with an assortment of hinges, fittings and handles to select from.

Ultimately, the shower screen you choose will depend on your bathroom’s style and its layout and size. Needless to say your budget is also a factor.

Shower Screen Manufacture

Making a lovely shower screen that exactly fits into your bathroom starts with taking precision measurements. Our skilled glaziers attend onsite to record the dimensions of your new shower screen.

Measuring for your Shower Screen This info is then fed into our in house show screen design and manufacturing system.

We custom cut each piece of glass in your new shower screen, as often bathrooms are not exactly square and level. Tolerances are actually within 1mm so the shower screen glass is going to fit as a glove and look fabulous.

Glass Manufacture

Our shower screen manufacturing service is actually geared up to precision cut and pre assemble your new shower screen within 5 to 10 business days after final measurements are actually taken.

Fittings for Shower Screens We install only high grade frames, hinges and handles. They do not suffer from cracking, peeling or perhaps rusting. Hinges and handles are actually solid brass, available in an assortment of coated colours including polished antique, black, and chrome bronze. They’re made to retain their functionality and look for many years.